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Understanding the importance of work

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

As a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant I have seen the difficulties encountered by employees trying to manage work and their health condition. Their desire to maintain or return to work is often hampered by physical and psychological difficulties but with support from Work Fit and encouragement from their Employer it is possible to make that transition back into work. To support employees I assess an individuals functional capabilities and/or barriers for a return to work. I consider the environment for effects upon their health and working ability. This Bio-psychosocial approach enables a comprehensive view of the individual, the workplace, and the social context (Waddell & Burton 2004) their research identified that individuals with physical difficulties and/or negative responses to their own health and well-being can cause a period of sickness/absence or fear/avoidance of movement and re-harming previous injuries.

At Work Fit, I conduct Occupational health assessments to identify if an employee is able to return to work, in the same job, or if reasonable adjustments are required to enable the employee to return in a different capacity. Research shows employees in positive work places, can lead to reduced absences from work and increased productivity. The importance of work is highly valuable to both the individual and the company. Reach out to today if you need support managing work or supporting employees.

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