Veronica Ball BSC  OT PGCTHE

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant.


As an Occupational Therapist I have worked with individuals with complex conditions including musculoskeletal, neurological and long term conditions. Within Social services I completed comprehensive assessments and worked within a strict criteria to enable major adaptations, and the provision of specialised equipment for adults with complex needs.


I developed an interest in Pain Management and worked within a multi-disciplinary team on specific pain programmes, by teaching groups & individuals the complexities of pain & the importance of Functional Rehabilitation.


Over the last 10 years as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Northampton I delivered and developed modules around the importance of Occupation, Function, and Rehabilitation. Within the Admissions team I researched the  importance of Induction and Transition into Higher Education.


As an Independent Therapist & Consultant I have gained skills and combined previous experience to assess individuals having difficulties at work - following an accident, injury or management of an illness.


As an Occupational Health Provider I assess individuals & provide organisations with advice & recommendations on all aspects of health and wellbeing. I provide opinions on fitness for work and rehabilitation, advice on legal compliance with health and safety legislation.


Specialised Vocational Rehabilitation skills of Functional and Workplace evaluations enable me to establish an individual’s capabilities or barriers for a return to work. I recognise the importance of a Bio-psychosocial approach to identify the complexities of returning to work.


My long term plan is to encourage a greater understanding of rehabilitation and to develop health and well-being in the workplace.