Are you fit 

 for work? 

 Is work 

 fit for you? 

Work fit supports employers and employee's following injury, accident or those with health conditions to stay at, return to or review work.
If you have an employee with a long term health condition or an injury that needs a phased return, an Occupational Assessment will identify:
  • Physical capabilities and limitations.
  • Psychological issues affecting their work role.
  • A review of job objectives, essential job tasks and critical demands.
  • The impact of social and environmental issues influencing work.
  • Recommendations for both employer and employee for a safe and timely return to work.
Following the Occupational Assessment a comprehensive report with job analysis will be produced for both the employer and employee, to support a return to work as appropriate.
Let work fit work for you make an appointment with our highly trained consultant so work becomes manageable and sustainable.

 Kirsty Mason 

 Programme Leader MSc Public Health 

 University of Northampton 

Veronica has been an Associate Lecturer on the MSc Public Health programme for several years, her teaching sessions are evaluated extremely well by students, who find her teaching style engaging and inspiring.

Veronica brings the subject of health promotion to life and is able to bring out the best in students, her communication skills are excellent, sessions are taught with clarity to aid student understanding of concepts and students are encouraged to speak up and ask questions.

Veronica has been great to work with as an external partner and Associate Lecturer, she is highly regarded by staff in the University Public Health and Health Promotion team.

WorkFit reference Philip


 Employee who had 
 an accident at work 

Veronica, from WorkFit, supported me throughout my time off work.
She assessed my workplace and helped me when I returned. I was able to go back to work and sustain my role. I felt I was in good hands. 


 Cheryl Willey 

 Peak HR 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Veronica on a number of absence related projects over the last 18 months.  Veronica’s professionalism and calm demeanour helps her build a rapport quickly with employees and put them at ease in what can be a difficult time for them.  Her knowledge and ability to transfer that to an occupational setting is second to none.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Veronica.